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We can help:

  • answer any questions you have about industry placements, including how to find local colleges and schools with suitable students
  • plan and prepare to offer placements

Do you want to discuss an industry placement?

Send us a completed form and someone will contact you within 2 working days to discuss industry placements.

How we use your data
The Department for Education will only use your personal information to contact you about industry placements. If you choose not to proceed with an industry placement, we will delete your data within 30 days.

Alternatively, call the industry placement hotline

Call: 08000 150 600 (choose option 4)

Need more information?

The Department for Education has funded an online resource to help you understand T Levels and take on an industry placement student.

You can access:

  • toolkits and guidance
  • webinars and workshops
  • direct support from specialists
Get support for T Levels and industry placements