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T Levels Video Transcript
Archie's T Level student story

Chris Lythgoe, Construction lecturer: So Archie was one of 10 students starting off with this new Construction T Level. He's taken the work placement side of it really seriously.

Archie Curtis: I got to see what I learned in college on site and put into practice.

James Coopey, Site manager, Carters: They’re gaining their qualifications, obviously, and then and then they've also got site experience, which is one of the main things that employers look for.

Archie: I've been doing my work experience with the building behind me, and that's going to be a T Level building.

Chris: So he's he's actually been involved in the building of this building, which is amazing really.

James: It’s different from when we were younger. So yeah, it's good to see that the qualifications now involve a lot more practical work experience.

Chris: As a result of his T Level placement, they've offered him a - basically a management apprenticeship, so they'll pay for him to go to college, and they'll give him a salary.

Archie: That will be 4 days a week on site and 1 day a week in college doing an HNC.

Chris: So the first ever T Levels results day in August, we're fairly confident that they'll all pass, it's a real really good success story.